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Surveys first input into design, planning and construction of all type of Projects. NewGeo Infotech provides Automated Survey & Mapping Services for GIS projects using Total Station, DGPS and other latest equipments. NewGeo Infotech has vast experience in preparation of Digital Data at any scale by conducting detailed survey of project areas using Total Stations and other latest equipments.

Survey methodology is the field that studies surveys, that is, the sample of individuals from a population with a view towards making statistical inferences about the population using the sample. Polls about public opinion, such as political beliefs, are reported in the news media in democracies.

Other surveys are used for scientific purposes. Surveys provide important information for all kinds of research fields, e.g., marketing research, psychology, health professionals and sociology. A survey may focus on different topics such as preferences (e.g., for a presidential candidate), behavior (smoking and drinking behavior), or factual information (e.g., income), depending on its purpose. Since survey research is always based on a sample of the population, the success of the research is dependent on the representativeness of the population of concern (see also sampling (statistics) and survey sampling). There are several ways of administering a survey.

The choice between administration modes is influenced by several factors, including costs, coverage of the target population, flexibility of asking questions, respondents' willingness to participate and response accuracy. Different methods create mode effects that change how respondents answer, and different methods have different advantages. The most common modes of administration can be summarized as: